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TrendSET: Social Engagement Teams

Your organization needs a social engagement team to realize the marketing potential of your corporate event efforts.
TrendSET helps organizations unlock the value of events by creating conversations within multiple channels.
TrendSET is a team of marketing consultants, social media experts, content creators and brand journalists setting the trend of buzzworthy events.
Social usage is accelerating as a discovery and research tool to find and buy from brands. Ensure your organization is present in the moment.

Your audience is waiting to hear from you.
Together, we can stimulate the conversation.



Lights, Camera, Action! We document your event by creating content that engages your audience.

Our capabilities include:
Live Social Media, Still Photography, Drone Video, 360° Video, Recap Videos, Live Interviews, Written Journalism.  


Exponential impressions, engagement and conversions! We post and promote captured content within relevant social media platforms and digital marketing mediums. 


How did we do? We produce integrated campaigns that work cohesively with your marketing strategy. Our communication strategies are designed to elicit the behavior you desire from your audience. Let’s see how we did by examining performance metrics! 


Does your audience have FOMO (fear of missing out)!? We take absentees to the event digitally through recorded media and live-stream technology.  



Pre-Event: But first, coffee

Preparation is the key to success. We begin each engagement by understanding your brand voice and communication strategy. Following, we identify what content assets and stories that are required to create engagement. Once the content checklist is established, we are then accountable for delivering you the goods!

Live-Event: It’s Game Day!

Get in the zone. At the event, you will find us capturing content and communicating on your social media platforms while wearing your organization’s branded clothing.

Post-Event: ensuring you Are Heard Through the Grapevine

Keep the momentum going. Using the captured content, we produce marketing assets for your organization to use in the future. These assets are delivered through websites, social media and emails!


Loyal to our roots - TrendSET was founded by Sherpa Marketing.

Core to Sherpa Marketing is the belief in driving and measuring engagement. TrendSET was created by a few Sherpa Marketing employees seeking to apply this methodology to marketing events. What was once a marketing tactic for one of Sherpa’s clients, TrendSET has steadily grown into a healthy business working with organizations across Canada.

Sherpa Marketing is a digital marketing agency leading the way in the development and delivery of technology driven marketing. With over 20 years of experience in producing brilliant and effective design, Sherpa discovers, fosters and supplies solutions that use leading edge creative, software and hardware – providing you cost effective, measurable results.

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