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  • Comment Bubbles Your organization needs a social engagement team to realize the marketing potential of your corporate endeavours.
  • TrendSet Logo TRENDSET is a team of marketing consultants, social media experts, content creators and brand journalists setting the trend of buzzworthy events.
  • Rocket ship icon Social usage is accelerating as a discovery and research tool to find and buy from brands. Ensure your organization is present in the moment.

Process Steps to Success

Preparation is the key to success. We begin each engagement by understanding your brand voice and communication strategy. Following, we identify what content assets and stories that are required to create engagement. Once the content checklist is established, we are then accountable for delivering you the goods!

Get in the zone. At the event, you will find us capturing content and communicating on your social media platforms while wearing your organization’s branded clothing.

Keep the momentum going. Using the captured content, we produce marketing assets for your organization to use in the future. These assets are delivered through websites, social media and emails!

Your audience is waiting to hear from you.
Together, we can stimulate the conversation.

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