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Your brand story has untapped potential. After determining the story you want to tell and the outcomes you desire, we establish the most effective tactics for reaching your audience and showcasing your organization’s hard work. Through video production, still photography, brand journalism, social media engagement, or animation, we capture your event, product, service, or narrative. We produce measurable results so you can clearly see the value of these digital marketing assets.

Drone Video

Drone video can elevate (pun intended!) your viewers experience and take them on a journey that immerses them in your story.

Here at Sherpa, we have a NAV Canada Certified Pilot with an Advanced license (and appropriate insurance) who can legally capture that flyover, fly through or follow shot that provides a bird’s eye view of your subject matter.

Drones allow us to create footage that was previously only accessible to those with big Hollywood budgets and professional equipment. Our pilot and editors can economically reproduce shots that evoke the emotions and reactions that you want from your viewers.

We can even capture content for VR Playback – be the bird!

Holding an advanced drone license has the following benefits over a basic license:

  • Allows us to fly less then 30 Metres from and/or OVER bystanders
  • Allows us to fly in controlled airspace (nearly anywhere inside or near cities)
  • Allows us to fly at an advertised event **
  • Allows us to fly over open water
  • Requires passing a written + flight test with government approved flight official
  • We know and follow the proper pre- and post-flight safety procedures - making for a safe and professional flight

Sometimes you need a little altitude to change attitudes.

If you want to give your visual content an edge over your competitors, fill out the contact form below and we’ll help turn your marketing dreams into reality.

*Requires permission from NAV Canada.

** Requires a SFOC (Special flight operations Certificate) this process requires knowledge of the flight more than 2 months ahead of time to create proper paperwork. If you want to fly within a structure where people are present (e.g., at a sporting event, trade show, or demonstration), you must apply for a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC).

You do not need an SFOC to fly indoors when only the UAV crew or people directly participating in the UAV operation (e.g., actors on a movie set) are present. The UAV operator should ensure that everyone present understands any possible hazards or risks.

Before you fly indoors, you also need the property owner’s consent.

Photography & Video Toolkit

An introduction package service offering. Some non-inclusive deliverables are:
  • 30 fully edited photography assets
  • 5 produced short videos
  • Introduction on direction of asset usage

Event Team & Brand Journalism

We get the content, while you work and do what you do best. Hire our media team to capture your event or project.
  • 1-5 team members as needed
  • Live brand journalism
  • Content creation to own the after

Custom & Monthly Subscriptions

Small toolkit not enough? Need more than just a live event media team. Let us know what you need and how often you need it!
  • Monthly based deliverable subscription
  • Digital Marketing management
  • Designated creative direction