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At its core, Sherpa Marketing believes in driving and measurement engagement. TRENDSET was created by a few Sherpa employees seeking to apply this methodology to marketing events. What was once a marketing tactic for one of Sherpa’s clients, TRENDSET has steadily grown into a bustling business working with organizations all across Canada.

Since its foundation of working and marketing events for clients, TRENDSET has grown to into a multidisciplinary media company, extending beyond its origins. TRENDSET has developed an equally strong relationship with clients producing stimulating media content - from aerial footage with striking cinematic authority; to retail photography and video asset packages which enhanced brand awareness and consumer sales; to developing social assets for local small businesses and local charities, effectively driving outreach and support. Coupled with the power of Sherpa Marketing and its wealth of knowledge behind TRENDSET, we are able to provide cost effective, measurable results—helping you strengthen your message.