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There are few closer knit communities in Winnipeg than the amazing running community. A huge contributor to this scene is Jonathan Torchia (aka JT) a Lululemon Run Ambassador. JT has a passion for running as well as a saving lives, being a full-time paramedic. When he’s not speeding around in an ambulance, he’s running. When he’s not shouldering the responsibilities of being a new dad, he’s running. Even when he’s not running, he’s probably planning a run.

The TrendSET team got a call from JT about the BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) he wanted to complete. He, alongside local run legend Junel Malapad, planned to run one hundred miles each, not just because they’re a little crazy but also because they wanted to give back to a community even larger than their own. They planned to run a combined two hundred miles (7.6 marathons) on behalf of CancerCare Manitoba for twenty-four hours straight! To raise money, they auctioned run times on treadmills set up next to those they were using to clock their impressive distances. Donating money to CancerCare Manitoba gave the donator a chance to run thirty minutes alongside Junel and JT as they ran through the night.

Run Your Lungs Out

We were there with our camera gear in hand, ready to capture an unforgettable day of events. Throughout the day there were two spin classes hosted by Saikel Studios, a midnight yoga class hosted by yoga teacher and meditation guide Sam Squire, and food delivered throughout by a host of sponsors.

Lululemon Winnipeg was kind enough to offer up their newly opened Outlet Collection location as the venue to help create Winnipeg history. News team after news team came in as they heard of their incredible mission. Our very own Mayor Brian Bowman visited to share some kind words, encouraging the people of Winnipeg to come down, cheer, and donate to help cure cancer.

Run Your Lungs Out
Run Your Lungs Out
Run Your Lungs Out

This was a very fun (and long) day for the TrendSET team, but it was a concrete reminder that when you put your mind to a goal, anything is possible. This run was a reminder that no matter how small we may sometimes feel we are all capable of making change in the world.

Together, the people of Winnipeg came together and raised over $38,000 to donate to CancerCare Manitoba. Thank you to Lululemon and JT for letting us tell their story. You can view the video above.