LuluLemon - bRUNch

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Three years ago, our friends at Lululemon Winnipeg thought up what would become the running event of the year. The Lululemon team created bRUNch as an event for runners - from beginners to pros - to get together, enjoy a run, and, as you might guess from the name, finish the day with a brunch.

bRUNch is for many runners their first real running event. This is significant because being able to participate in an event where you can meet other runners and take part in all of the usual race-day particulars, like receiving a bib lining up in heats, can give new runners the motivation to race at even larger events. Being a first-time bRUNch attendee myself, it was encouraging to see some of the same faces two years later, this time with all of their new “running friends” in tow. Lululemon’s Community Run days, held at Assiniboine Park every Thursday, have also helped to develop this community of runners.

The bRUNch race is relatively short in comparison to other races around Winnipeg and therefore brings out people of all running abilities. It also acts as a great brand-building experience for Lululemon. Having always been dedicated to the fitness community in Winnipeg, Lululemon’s bRUNch serves to further emphasize their commitment to Winnipeggers and their relationship with the brand.

The TrendSET team was on location at this year’s bRUNch, capturing all aspects of the day. As a warm-up to the race, we captured video of the folks from November Project who came down to help get runners’ blood flowing and adrenaline pumping in the lead-up to the pop of the race gun. November Project is a free, inclusive, by-the-people-for-the-people outdoor excise group that meets every Wednesday at the Forks.

Once the warm-up was complete it was time to shoot the big race. We had planned our shots and had members of the TrendSET team at specific race points in order to get the best shots. We even got on the back of the scooter with our gimbal - and a lot of trust in Lululemon Run Ambassador JT’s driving abilities - to get those sweeping low shots seen on the bridge.

Given that the race was only 5km we didn’t have a lot of time to get shots, so pre-planning a shoot like this is critical. Of course, it may not all go exactly to plan. We were supposed to have two scooters running to reach even more points in the race, but that’s nothing a good jog couldn’t fix.

All in all, this was one of our favourite TrendSET shoots to date; we were proud of what we created. The video was seen over three thousand times and will be used much like the Run Your Lungs Out video we shot for Lululemon to promote following years’ events. We look forward to capturing more amazing moments with our good friends at Lululemon!