Festival Du Voyageur

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Festival du Voyageur is Winnipeg’s largest outdoor festival. This event, hosted in Voyageur Park in Winnipeg, hosts schools and other young people to show them what it would have been like to live as a voyageur, pre-Fortnite and Internet.

Actors in costume explain the fantastic history of Manitoba’s francophone community and our connection to Canadian history as the hub of a growing country’s fur trade.

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On weekends, the momentum shifts and sees a lot of adults coming to grounds to take in amazing food, live music, libations and the spirit of Canada’s Francophone and Metis people. Is there a better combination?

As the largest winter festival in Western Canada, Winnipeggers take the week-long event very seriously. It is a tradition for many Winnipeggers and tourists to get out into the snow and embrace the cold in order to take in as many activities as possible. We know people that plan their Festival adventures on a minute-by-minute basis, so they don’t miss a thing.


The TrendSET team wanted to come together and create something fun that would really showcase all aspects of the events; from snow sculptors, to actors, the maple syrup on a stick, to the evening’s entertainment—which sees all walks of Winnipeg life coming together.

This shoot was purely to showcase an event and craft a piece of content that we could all proudly stand behind. We had a blast and thank the Festival team for letting us capture their fantastic event.

View the video above.