Ag In Motion – DEKALB & BioAg

Ag In Motion – DEKALB & BioAg
Industry: Agriculture
Capabilities: Live Social Media, Live Interviews

TrendSET represented BioAg and DEKALB at Ag in Motion (2016). Ag in Motion is the largest outdoor agricultural trade show in Western Canada that provides a venue for progressive farmers to witness agricultural innovation.

TrendSET was tasked to create content that showcased crop performance, the knowledge of sales team members, agronomist demonstrations and grower testimonials.

TrendSET amplified the excitement surrounding BioAg and DEKALB by capturing and uploading content in real-time. Furthermore, TrendSET was able to distribute gifts to tradeshow attendees while communicating the value of interacting with BioAg and DEKALB on social media. Both companies were able to repurpose image and video assets in future digital and print marketing campaigns.