Birchwood BMW

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On a hot, sunny day in August we made our way to Winnipeg’s Birchwood BMW to pick up a brand-new BMW SUV. We had the opportunity to spend the day exploring Winnipeg in this luxury crossover, complete with a sunroof, slick black finish, red leather interior, and an amazing surround-sound system. We were excited to hit all of the typical Winnipeg hotspots and find out just what it’s like to see our city from the vantage point of this modern take on the traditional SUV.

BWM Headlight
BWM Front

Given the ways in which the industry continues to shift and change, we recognize the need for content that shifts along with it. Creating stunning imagery that breathes life into its subject is key, so capturing the beauty and function of the BMW x3 through its various angles and elements allows for multiple marketing opportunities. As a video production company with an eye to the future of the industry, we’re always looking for ways to not only leverage video, image, and 360-degree content in a variety of unique ways, but also remain on the cusp of industry developments.

We only had a few hours with the SUV, so we set to work right away. Grateful for the air conditioning – the mercury hit a muggy thirty degrees Celsius, which is not uncommon for Winnipeg summers – we headed to the Forks Market and took some stunning images of the vehicle with the iconic Winnipeg backdrop. The ride there was smooth and quick – the BMW x3’s aerodynamic construction, superior handling, Brembo brakes, and intelligent all-wheel drive system certainly helped us get where we needed to be in a flash. Not only that, but the drive was made that much more relaxing with the intuitive dashboard control centre: with touch-screen GPS and access to all of our favourite apps, we were able to navigate traffic, listen to our favourite summer playlist ( was perfect for a summer road trip), and even call up a few friends to brag about our ride-for-the-day without taking our eyes off the road.

BWM Seat
BMW Wheel
BWM Seats

We managed to create over one hundred images, a one-minute promotional video, and even some 360-degree content of the x3 that day as we cruised around the city. This is in part because Winnipeg makes it so easy to create quality content given the variety in scenery, including the juxtaposition of historical sites like the Forks or the houses lining Wellington Crescent with the increasingly new and modern architecture sprouting up around town like the Canadian Human Rights Museum. And much like the combined historical and modern landscape of the city, the BMW x3 manages to incorporate state-of-the-art technology, like its AR-supported 360 radius cameras, with the classic German engineering BMW is known for.

While the day was a whirlwind, visiting a number of classic Winnipeg landmarks as we captured all of the details of the x3, the variety of content we were able to produce in a few short hours allows for comprehensive marketing assets to engage customers and showcase not just a product, but a lifestyle.